Speechless DVD

Speechless – The Polar Realm is now available on DVD for a limited time. The DVD is packaged in a beautifully printed cardboard eco-pack, designed by the filmmaker.Speechless DVD main
Beautifully filmed by New Zealand nature photographer Richard Sidey over the past decade throughout the Earth’s polar regions, Speechless – The Polar Realm is a non-verbal visual meditation of light, life, loss and wonder at the ends of the globe.In search of an individual viewing experience aided by the absence of spoken narrative, Speechless – The Polar Realm guides this cinematic voyage through both powerful imagery of the natural world and a poignant, original score from composer and sound artist, Miriama Young, performed by Mirabai Peart and Ryan Francesconi.DVD runtime: 44 minutes
All Regions | DVD PAL 

Speechless – The Polar Realm DVDs have sold out! Don’t fret – The film is still available online here.