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Speechless | Nature without music or narration

The following short films form my ongoing Speechless web series which began in 2013. I wanted to share amazing nature experiences from remote regions by creating an immersive experience where the viewer could get a real sense of time and place. Eventually, I found the most accurate and effective way I could convey these scenes were to present raw video with real time audio and clean edits, void of spoken narrative and music. With no music to stir the emotions and no one telling you what to think, the experience is all yours.

My 2015 feature documentary, Speechless – The Polar Realm, was born from these episodes, incorporating music in the process to develop more of a narrative.

New episodes will be added on an irregular basis as they are created, so please visit again. For now, enjoy the series!


Great Bear Rainforest

In this Speechless episode I spend time with two Spirit Bears, as they fish for salmon on a river deep in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.

In Gitga’at mythology, the creator, the Raven, asked the Black Bear to turn one in every ten cubs white to serve as a reminder of when the world was covered in ice.

At the end of this short film, a Spirit Bear steps into a single ray of light that evades the dense canopy overhead. The bear’s white fur catches the light, illuminating the bear in an otherwise dark setting, and depicts the name given to the white bear by the local Gitga’at First Nation – Moksgm’ol (Ghost Bear).

Filmed by Richard Sidey with invitation from the Gitga’at First Nation.

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Enderby Island, New Zealand

Yellow-eyed penguins come ashore on a beach full of New Zealand Sea Lions, before making their way into an ancient Rata forest on Enderby Island, part of the Auckland Islands in New Zealand’s subantarctic region. Filmed over a couple of hours during a short visit in early summer 2014.


Oro Province, Papua New Guinea

Take a canoe journey into the remote Oro Province of Papua New Guinea in this one-shot episode.


Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Two Gentoo penguin chicks get their first glimpse of the Antarctic wilderness near the British station of Port Lockroy on the Antarctic Peninsula.


Polar Bear Family

An encounter on the arctic sea ice north of Svalbard with a Polar Bear and her two cubs.


Gold Harbour, South Georgia


Adelie Penguins in a Snowstorm


A Disappearing World – Monacobreen, Svalbard


Chinstrap Penguins – Baily Head, Deception Island, Antarctica


Walrus Haul-out – Lågøya, Svalbard


Salisbury Plain, South Georgia


New Island, Falkland Islands