Speechless – The Polar Realm


“Human use, population, and technology have reached that certain stage where mother Earth no longer accepts our presence with silence.” – Dalai Lama XIV

Speechless – The Polar Realm | 44 mins | In Film Festivals from May 2015

Beautifully filmed by New Zealand nature photographer Richard Sidey over the past decade throughout the Earth’s polar regions, Speechless – The Polar Realm is a non-verbal visual meditation of light, life, loss and wonder at the ends of the globe.

In search of an individual viewing experience aided by the absence of spoken narrative, Speechless – The Polar Realm guides this cinematic voyage through both powerful imagery of the natural world and a poignant, original score from composer and sound artist, Miriama Young, performed by Mirabai Peart and Ryan Francesconi.

“Powerful visuals and a compelling score. Truly does leave us Speechless.”  – Paul NicklenNational Geographic
“A true inspiration to love and respect Earth’s last great wilderness.” Robert Swan | 2041
“A beautiful nature film that is, and literally will leave you, speechless.” –  Anna Tokareva | Concrete Playground

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Yellow-eyed Penguins in Rata Forest

Filming Locations

The Antarctic – Antarctic Peninsula | South Georgia | Falkland Islands | New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands
The Arctic – Franz Josef Land | Svalbard | Iceland | Canadian Arctic | Greenland | Russia | Alaska

Interviews & Reviews

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